Magnesium metal is used in many applications thatĀ are a part of everyday life. Its availability and recoverability make it an important part of today’s world.

Nodular Iron – Magnesium is added during the processing of nodular iron to improve ductility.

Chemical uses – As a grignard reagent, it is used as an intermediary in the industrial production of pharmaceuticals, flavors, fragrances, polymerization catalysts and other organometallics. As a powder, it performs its most dramatic use as a pyrotechnic in high illumination flares.

Aluminum Alloying Magnesium is alloyed with aluminum to improve the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum productsĀ used in beverage cans, alloys forĀ the transportation market and extrusions used in the construction market.

CastingThe metal of choice when light weight is important. Magnesium is found in vehicle components, hand tools and electronics components.

Desulfurization of Steel – Magnesium is used as a chemical reductant in the desulfurization of iron.

Metal Reduction – Magnesium is an active chemical used to reduce the metallic salts in the production of titanium, zirconium, beryllium, uranium and hafnium.