US Magnesium has a unique operation, harvesting salts from the Great Salt Lake to produce primary magnesium metal, chlorine derivatives and lithium carbonate.

US Magnesium has the capacity to produce 63,500 metric tons per year of primary magnesium, 9,000 metric tons per year of lithium carbonate and a variety of chemical products at a facility 60 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  The operation is expansive, spanning over 80,000 acres including 100 square miles of solar evaporation ponds that produce concentrated brine as feedstock for the manufacturing complex.  A series of feedstock holding reservoirs ensures the availability of raw materials for multiple years.  A nucleus of chemical processing units concentrates and purifies the feedstock for magnesium and subsequent lithium carbonate production.  An upgraded chlorine liquefaction plant and hydrochloric acid synthesis plant allows for the production of liquid chlorine and numerous derivative products. The facility supports both truck and rail access for global distribution of products.

US Magnesium delivers a full range of technical support and recycling services to its customers. Customers are supported with on-site training sessions, education seminars, process audits, material property data, calibration standards, laboratory analysis and design support.

Current Career Openings

  • Ponds Foreman
Salt Lake OFFICE
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